• Taste&Go
    Environmentally sustainable tourism. The best way to discover Apulia cycle and walking on a bike. 
  • Electric Mobility
    Electric Mobility
    An alternative and environmentally friendly way to get around.
    Without thoughts.
  • Photovoltaics

    Savings and efficiency in the light of the sun.

  • Geothermal
    A new way to do energy.
    Directly from the earth.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Energy Efficiency
    Turnkey solutions for your renewable energy system.
    For the home and enterprise.

Support structures

Innovation solutions for the thermoregulation of your own environments during all year seasons

It is important to emphatize the choice and the design of support structures to be used within the realization of the producing system of energy from renewable resources

(photovoltaic, thermal and wind systems). A suitable support structure must create the lowest aesthetic impact on the whole architectonic structure.

The SOCOIN SrL has mechanical workshops able to produce whatsever kind of metallic carpentry either light or heavy to sodisfy different structural, architectonic and technical requests. It designs, realizes and installs alluminium, wooden or steel structures in series or personalized either on existing (plane or tilted coverages) or on new buildings (shelters or shutters for parking areas).