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    Electric Mobility
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    Energy Efficiency
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Innovation solutions for the thermoregulation of your own environments during all year seasons

Ambient assisting living Ambient assisting living technologies: a valuable aid for the total management of housings and companies. Tecnologie domotiche: un valido ausilio per la gestione complessiva di abitazioni ed aziende. The ambient assisiting living is a science that studies the enhancement of energetic potentials, comfort, safety and management of a property. It is possible to programme one central system and use all the other installations within the property by the aid of electric sensors and the right installation of local regulation apparatus. The ambient assisting living can personalize the thermoregulation system from environment to environment, regulate the automatic closing of the central stopcock of the hydric or gas system in case losses may be revealed in the system itself. Moreover, it may operate on the electric load in order to avoid that the building may be left without energy when the system reach energetic overloads. And finally, the vigilance system can be automatically inserted when the supervision system reveals the loss of the client in the building.

It is possible to control your house also by distance thanks to the aid of cell phones by receiving information on the state of the installations and even by assisting the programmation (for instance by the anticipated or retarded turn-on of the conditioning or outdoor lighting systems). Our company design ambient assisting living installations for housing, offices and companies. Additionally, we do consultancy for the energy and ambient assisting living management to provide our clients with the best comfort and services of the settled installations.