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A simple solution with the best results on the environment health

Function and design: shutters are the best choice. In the construction section, the shutter can be considered one of the most important constituent to be valuated and defined not only in terms of its architectural role. It plays a noticeable role in terms of energetic potentials and acustic isolation of enviornments, for safety against robbery and for the building lighting system. The shutter design means studying how to insert this element in the building energetic context, trought the evaluation of the technical instrinsic parametres and the right mointing procedure.  This will lead to avoid the formal of thermal bridges that may demage the surrounding walls by the growth of molds and umidity spots that will decrease the aesthetic fruition of the building and consequently the comfort of the owner.

We are able to build and design outdorr shutters made of alluminium (thermal cutting) in PVC and wood and full shuttered facades certified by the current legislation. Our company can guarantee a technical consult in the design process trought a synergy of aesthetic requests with the technical, energy and safe needs of the shutter itself.