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Termal barrier coatings

A simple solution with the best results on the environment health

The thermal barrier coatings are techniques for the thermal isolation of exisisting buildings. These coatings can operate on the thermal trasmittance of vertical and horizontal components of a constructed structure by enhancing the energetic potentials and by decreasing the winter heating and the summer conditioning systems. The elimination of indoor condensation that in most cases lead to the formation of molds can be also achieved. The peculiar advantages of this isolation system have made the spread of this technique troughtout the newly built structure possible: this use can increase the market value of properties. The termal barrier coatings have replaced t raditional insulation methods.

On one end, this coating can be done on the outdoor walls and on the garrets by building isolation panels in different materials. The choice of the most suitable coating is made considering the building, technical and environmental context.

On the other hand, the thermal coating can be ralized indoor. This practice is hovever preferred on archeological or historical sites or finally for specific apartment blocks.

The SOCOIN System team make consulence, design and verification of thermal barrier coatings in order to assure the most valuable technical and architectonic intervention.