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Thermografic survey

The thermographic analysis allows the investigation of the thermal surface phenomena by using IR revelation devices without any need to be closed to the object. Indeed, since the thermographic investigation is a non-destructive analysis, its use has spread in the field of buildings and plant design. This increasing development has finally lead thermography to be subject of the European and national law regulation for the quality certification of experts (UNI EN 473 and ISO 9712).

The operator of thermography survey must be capable of using the right instruments before acquiring data and images form analysis. A prior deep knowledge and experiences are thus necessary steps for the valutation and comprehension of the aquired results.

By a thermografic survey is possible to verify the presence of thermal bridges, valuate the causes of umidity within a wall, reveal the pipe route and potential liquid losses, assess the workability of the electrical and industrial equipment and finally of photovoltaic panels.

We have a qualified and certified staff capable to do termografic surveys for private companies, professional studios and public companies. The survey encompasses the use of the strumental equipment for the thermografic revelation and particularly the use of thermo-cameras. The study is fullfilled by a final written report about the analysis results.