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    Electric Mobility
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    Energy Efficiency
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Instructions, practice, incentives, and tax relief

The energy business consulting is made through the analysis of the quality-effectiveness of the building apparatus.  The settlement of the right intervention is consequently planned aiming to the achievement of the best comfort with the lowest consumption of energy.

The normative framework on the access to the tax relief and incentives for the energy requalification of a property is very complex and varied. With the aid of a professional consultant it will be possible to define the incentivation and fiscal subsidies ways to get the best economic advantages from each survey.

Types of subsides which can be obtained

  • Building restructuring: tax allowance Irpef/Ires of the 50% on the maximum outgo average of  € 96.000,00 for building unit;
  • Building retrevial of ordinary and extraordinary mainteinance realized on constructions built for civil housing: application of VAT assisted on the 10%
  • Building energy requalification: tax allowance Irpef/Ires of the 55%
  • Electric energy production from photovoltaic source: subsides defined by the decree D.M 15/07/2012 also known as “Quinto Conto Energia” (fifth energy bill)
  • Energy effectiveness enhancement for private and public administration: financial contribution to the incurred costs delivered in annual instalments (from 2 to 5 years) with regards to the type of intervention, defined by the decree D.M 28/12/2012 named Conto Termico (Thermic bill)
  • Electric mobility: tax allowance for the purchase of moped, motorcycles, cars and commercial vehicles with low CO2 emission

Some examples of facilitating interventions

  • Replacement of a traditional bolier with one that heats water by a heating pump system and produce sanitary hot water
  • Design or structural adjustment of heating and conditioning systems
  • Design of photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal and wind installations
  • Energy building enhancements such as thermal and acustic isolations, replacement of interior shutters, installation of elements that create shadows (???)

Our support service and the writing of the instructions to access to the subsidies and financial contribution for all procedures that aim to the energy production through renewable sources are offered to private and public companies. Moreover, our team follows the client in the verification and control of the whole procedure starting from the survey and ending up with the acquisition of advices from the proposed authorities.