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    Energy Efficiency
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Energy consulting and design

The energy business consulting is made through the analysis of the quality-effectiveness of the building apparatus.  The settlement of the right intervention is consequently planned aiming to the achievement of the best comfort with the lowest consumption of energy.

The energy analysis of the building is of primary importance for the right design and the optimization of the energy effectiveness either for new buildings and for existing ones thus must be carried out by using thermografic strumental surveys (thermo cameras), useful for the investigation and reduction of critical cases (or situation) in the constructions, together with an accurate energetic study for the integration of technical and energy renewable installations.

The energetic renewal and energy effectiveness are important challenges for the future of our country: in Italy, the civil sector, divided in services and residency, is highly responsible for the energy consumption (41% of the total consumes). The expenditures in the residency sector can reach the 29% of the national usage.

Saving energy means restrain the consumption of fossil fuels and the consequent reduction of the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Requalification interventions that could involve the enhancement of thermal isolation, modifications or replacement of heating systems, the replacement of shutters or the building of solar installations owns the biggest potential within the issues of energy conservation.

Requalification also means save money on the heating usages and increase the commercial value of the property and finally it assures safe and comfort in the house.

We directly take actions on the energetic requalification of private and public spaces, housing, and enterprise and corporation buildings by making thermografic inquiries and “installation- construction” energetic simulation with the aid of updated software.

We design and realize thermo and acustic insulation systems; interventions that aims to the enhancement of the housing, thermo electric or air conditioning installation; renewable installation from renewable sources at the service of the specific fabricate; energetic certification for buildings.