• Cabling and wireless networks
    Cabling and wireless networks

    We create the infrastructure. We develop markets.

  • Engineering Telecommunication
    Engineering Telecommunication
    We design networks. We connect territories.

Technologic installation

SOCOIN System SrL performs, installs and tests all installation that serve sas support for the realization of infrastructures:

  • electric installations at low and medium pressure
  • ground installations
  • electric installations (videosurveillance, antintrusione (?), LAN nets, telecontrol, etc..)
  • conditioning, climatization and forced ventilation
  • fire installations (spinkler, aerosol, CO2, inert gas, dry powder, foamed installation (or maybe devices); hydric fire net either with column hydrants and a manichetta;  installation of disclousure for smoking, gas, fire and thermal; alarm system and illumination system for emergency and evacuation drift).

Each installation is made by a team of specialists following a peculiar adaptation to the administrative order D.Lgs 37/08.