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Fiberglass artifacts

SOCOIN System SrL performes and realizes fiberglass artifacts ( which evokes or simulate or are inspired from square, rounded or rectangular based chimneys, petrol tank) tolled up with specific details ( monocolor, fake bricks, slitted stone-non credo pietra a spacco si possa davvero tradurre così come il fake-la parentesi precedente l’ho tradotta in modo diverso per far capire il concetto al pubblico “straniero” va bene? Come si potrebbe rendere altrimenti?).

By doing so the environment impact is reduced while the ray systems and the apparatus for trasmission are masked.

Each project allow to preserve the features of the areas where those artifacts are installed avoiding**** . Moreover, anomalies in the ray system working are reduced  by the material permeability to the electromagnetic waves.

(schermatura?? Non è specificato di cosa quindi ho messo asterischi. Inoltre ho separato il periodo in due frasi perché troppo lungo).