• Cabling and wireless networks
    Cabling and wireless networks

    We create the infrastructure. We develop markets.

  • Engineering Telecommunication
    Engineering Telecommunication
    We design networks. We connect territories.

Construction Facilities

SOCOIN System S.r.L can carry out any kind of projects and realize civil works for network installation, both for fixed and mobile telecommunications (phones, data, radio stations, buildings for telephone centrals and HUB, airline or grounded in fiber or copper). Each work is realized by higly qualified experts and thanks to the use of important instruments (elevated platforms, tracks, cranes and escavators).

Our professional experience in this field has spread trought (or has covered) more than 4000 Radio Based Stations of mobile telephony either Raw Land and Roof top also realized for specific and critical situations (historical sites, areas closed to sources of water or even places hardly reachable by conventional yard facilities).

Our know how has also lead us to the realization, enlargment and adaptation of almost 800 SRB for the building of sharing sites and telephony centrals in rural and urban sites.