• Taste&Go
    Environmentally sustainable tourism. The best way to discover Apulia cycle and walking on a bike. 
  • Electric Mobility
    Electric Mobility
    An alternative and environmentally friendly way to get around.
    Without thoughts.
  • Photovoltaics

    Savings and efficiency in the light of the sun.

  • Geothermal
    A new way to do energy.
    Directly from the earth.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Energy Efficiency
    Turnkey solutions for your renewable energy system.
    For the home and enterprise.


Since 1995, year of its foundation, our company has been focused on the realization of electric, heated and air conditioning systems.

Aware of the development and changes on the market, in 2003, an additional department was created specifically for the development of technologies for the production of renewable energy. Hence, it has started carrying out the production of standalone and grid-connected photovoltaic installations. 

Through these experiences, our company has developed a peculiar attention to the issues of energy conservation for buildings and industrial factories by considering any interventions on the design and conservation of energy in the building heritage one of the possible settlement to enhance and eventually narrow the environmental pollution.

The experiences and success gained in this field has lead SOCOIN System S.r.L to be listed among the Enel Green Power partnerships in 2010. Today our company works as a dealership at the service of Enel.

Moreover, in order to guarantee the best quality of products and services, our company has adopted a policy based on a constant training and updating of our team and on the use of technology innovation for the production processes. Indeed it has been recognised\ acclaimed as a company updated on the global market evolution. As a result, the management processes have adopted the quality system certificate UNI EN ISO 9001.